10.28.19 CNN Newsroom

October 28, 2019

Rep. Green joins Newsroom to react to the successful operation to capture ISIS leader Abu al-Baghdadi.

10.27.19 America's News HQ

October 27, 2019

Rep. Green discusses the operation to capture ISIS leader Abu al-Baghdadi in light of his experience on the mission to capture Saddam Hussein.

10.12.19 Huckabee on TBN

October 12, 2019

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Rep. Mark Green joins Huckabee with Gov. Mike Huckabee, Vice President Mike Pence, and more this week on TBN.

10.10.19 NewsChannel 5

October 10, 2019

Rep. Green joins NewsChannel 5 in Nashville to share why the people of Tennessee matter in the impeachment decision.

10.2.19 Mornings with Maria

October 2, 2019

Rep. Green joins Maria on Fox Business to discuss why House Democrats keep tabling an impeachment vote and what Congress needs to accomplish for the American people instead, including ratification of the USMCA.

9.26.19 Trish Regan Primetime

September 26, 2019

Rep. Green joins Trish Regan Primetime to weigh in as House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff defends his reading of a made-up Ukraine call transcript as a parody