Read More - 3.4.2020 Fox & Friends First
Rep. Mark Green joins Fox & Friends First to give an update on recovery efforts in Tennessee after tornadoes caused severe devastation across the State.

2.26.20 OANN's After Hours

February 26, 2020

Read More - 2.26.20 OANN's After Hours
Rep. Mark Green joins Alex Salvi to discuss developing news on the coronavirus outbreak.
Read More - 2.26.20 Trish Regan Primetime
Emergency room physician Rep. Mark Green joins Trish Regan to discuss the latest on the coronavirus.

2.12.20 OANN's After Hours

February 12, 2020

Read More - 2.12.20 OANN's After Hours
Rep. Green joins Alex Salvi to discuss the Democrats' socialist shift, the latest on coronavirus, and President Trump's strategy on Iran.