WASHINGTON—Rep. Mark Green made the following statement this morning:

“The vote is rigged. The deck is stacked. That’s why I will be voting NO on today’s resolution to formalize the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.”

“This resolution is supposed to ensure fairness and transparency. It does no such thing, because Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff have tucked in provisions allowing them to strip away the President’s rights if things aren’t going their way. Due process if Democrats feel like it isn’t due process at all. This resolution consolidates Adam Schiff’s power, despite his track record of lying to the American people, and cuts out the small number of Members who have been able to take part in hearings so far by moving the jurisdiction to Schiff’s Intelligence Committee. It subjects the minority’s subpoena authority to Schiff’s whims and refuses to guarantee that the minority’s witnesses will even be called.”

“In short, the resolution before us today does absolutely nothing to guarantee the people of Tennessee will have a say. This vote doesn’t ‘ensure transparency’ after weeks of leaving Americans in the dark. It just proves that the senior leadership of the Democrat party are more concerned about power than they are the people of this great Nation.”

“The American people will see right through this and see it for what it is, a sham vote. If the people want to remove their President, they can remove him at the polls in November 2020. Today, Americans have the chance to see just where their elected representatives stand.”