September 27, 2019

WASHINGTON—Last night, Rep. Mark Green led the bipartisan fight to fix an inadequate bill that would advance modern healthcare technology for illegal aliens before that same technology is made available for America’s veterans.

In its current form, H.R. 3525 would require the Department of Homeland Security to develop an interoperable electronic health records system for illegal immigrants in just 90 days—while the same information technology will not be available for our Nation’s military heroes at all Veterans Affairs healthcare facilities until September 2027.

Green said, “We must look to the fact that our veterans do not even have these benefits. I think our constituents from all our districts across this great country would find it appalling that we are about to grant modern healthcare information technology to illegal immigrants that we have not and will not get to our veterans for most of the next decade.”

“My amendment is simple. Put this project on hold until after the VA finishes its health records system. No veteran should wait for modern healthcare while we fast-track systems for illegal immigrants.”