Rep. Green Introduces Amendment to Secure Safe Military Housing 

WASHINGTON— Today, the Rules Committee is considering Rep. Green’s amendment to H.R. 4502, which demands the Department of Defense prioritize housing improvements for our military servicemembers and their families. Green said: 

“43% of on-base family housing is substandard—this should not be tolerated. At Fort Campbell, there have been reports of mold and pest infestations, as well as structural problems. While Fort Campbell is doing what it can to improve base housing, Congress must act. We should be giving the families who sacrifice so much the very bestnot housing that is dilapidated. There have been far too many reports of chronic respiratory issues and other illnesses from military families forced to live in houses with mold infestations—it’s time for this to change.”

“After serving over two decades in the Army, I know that the quality of housing is an important aspect of retention.  These warriors are highly sought after in the civilian workforce.  Poor quality housing is a disincentive to reenlistment. The Pentagon and the Biden Administration must immediately prioritize military housing over unnecessary climate change efforts and social justice initiatives. The well-being of our troops, their families, and the retention of a quality force demands it.”