Rep. Green Reintroduces China Technology Transfer Control Act

WASHINGTON—Rep. Mark Green re-introduced his China Technology Transfer Control Act in the 118th Congress. The bill stops China’s military from acquiring sensitive U.S. technology and intellectual property through export controls. 

Green said, Thirty-four years ago, the CCP massacred peaceful protestors in Tiananmen Square. Since this horrific event, the CCP has used its advanced technology to erase its own history; and with it, its misdeeds. This is why we must be cautious about the technology we export to China. We must ensure we aren’t giving the CCP the tools to harm our nation or its own people.  

“There’s no question about it; the Chinese Communist Party wants a weakened United States and an international order subservient to China’s interests. Turning a blind eye to this aggressive ambition on the world stage is a catastrophic mistake.

“My bill controls U.S. exports of certain technology and intellectual property important to U.S. national interests to the People’s Republic of China. Through espionage and extensive intellectual property theft, the CCP and its network of state-sponsored enterprises have been able to gain a crucial advantage in developing advanced technologies. We cannot ignore this threat. If we do, Chinese spy balloons won’t be the only threat we have to worry about. U.S. technology that lands in the hands of Communist China only hurts our children and grandchildren. Let that sink in. The CCP is using our sensitive technology to weaken the United States—something our next generation will pay for. It’s time to protect our country from the CCP’s malign actions.”

Read the bill text here.