Rep. Green To Address Coronavirus Outbreak And Congress’ Response in Thursday Facebook Live Town Hall Meeting

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Mark Green announced that he will host a town hall meeting over Facebook Live to address the continued challenges of the coronavirus outbreak and update members of the District on actions they can take to protect their families, businesses and communities.

Green said, “The spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has raised a lot of important questions for us as Americans. While it has been incredibly disappointing that the Democrat leadership in the House has used this as an opportunity to cram through their legislative wishlist, I am confident we will get supportive legislation passed soon. Many Americans are in an economic lurch because of the widespread business shutdowns to control the virus, and most legislators get it and we will soon pass a bill."

“It is important for businesses, independent contractors, workers and all Tennesseans to fully understand the impending legislation,” 
Green continued. “Join me for a Facebook Live Town Hall Meeting on Thursday at 5 pm CT/6 pm ET, to answer your questions about COVID-19. We will discuss Congress’ response to the pandemic and what we as Americans should be doing going forward.”