Oversight Republicans Request Answers on U.S. Efforts to Refute China's Coronavirus Propaganda

WASHINGTON – Last night, Rep. Green joined other Oversight Committee Republicans in sending a letter to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo asking how the State Department will hold China accountable for its coronavirus misinformation campaign against the United States.

Since the discovery of the virus in December 2019, China's communist regime has taken extraordinary efforts to hide its origination and early spread. The letter outlines China's propaganda efforts over the course of months, from alleged coordination between Chinese health officials and the Chinese government to conceal the spread of COVID-19 and government-led propaganda campaigns to blame the United States, to reported efforts by Chinese officials to silence doctors and expel American journalists from the country. 

Rep. Green said, “The Chinese Communist Party has a history of oppression and suppression. Now, this worldwide pandemic has been exacerbated because of the CCP’s actions to conceal the outbreak and project false narratives of healing as the world suffers. China's regime hid this virus from the world for weeks, allowing it to spread undetected into thousands of tourist sites across the world and into America's heartland."

"Thousands have died because of China's deceit, and a record number of Americans are now unemployed as businesses across the country come to a screeching halt. When all is said and done, we very well may have spent more than the annual U.S. budget in our own money to help stop this virus that China purposefully concealed. The United States must refute China's misinformation and hold China accountable for its conduct."