Rep. Green Joins Oversight Republicans in Demanding Answers on Kennedy Center Layoffs

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Green joined other Oversight Committee Republicans in demanding answers after the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts furloughed its employees despite receiving $25 million from Congress.

In the letter, Oversight Members expressed their concern regarding the Kennedy Center's decision to furlough over 700 of its administrative, part-time, and hourly workers. These layoffs, whether temporary or not, are completely contrary to the spirit of the CARES Act and are very concerning to Congress.

Green said, "The purpose of the CARES Act was to protect jobs, not destroy them. If the Kennedy Center wants to turn around and furlough its employees after receiving $25 million from Congress, it can stop the pretense and return the funding. That's the protocol every other business receiving aid from the CARES Act has to follow. The Kennedy Center, despite its lofty connections in Congress, is no exception."