Rep. Green Reintroduces Constitutional Amendment During Tax Week 

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green released the following statement regarding his Constitutional Amendment to require a 3/5 supermajority of Congress to approve any tax increases on the American people: 

“Americans are reeling this Tax Day. President Biden has spent our country into an oblivion of massive inflation and skyrocketing national debt, including interest which we are paying to China. To make matters worse, the Biden budget doubles down on this irresponsible spending spree and proposes increasing taxes by $4.7 trillion to pay for it. This will crush American families and businesses. This administration is careless with your hard-earned paycheck, and it shows this Tax Day.” 

“My Constitutional Amendment is simple. A 3/5 supermajority of Congress should approve any tax increase on the American people. When increasing taxes is on the table, the majority of Americans deserve a say. Our country’s first fight was for taxation with representation, and my Constitutional amendment aims to give more of the American people’s representatives a say.