Secretary Mayorkas Needs to be Impeached, Now!

Nashville, Tenn—Today, Rep. Mark Green released the following statement regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s notification that three Middle Tennessee communities could become a destination for more than 500 illegal immigrants: 

“Under President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas, every state is a border state. For three years, Americans and Tennesseans have suffered from this border crisis, from the alarming increase in fentanyl overdoses to the skyrocketing increase in crime. 

Yet again, Tennessee has become a possible destination for more illegal aliens—specifically, the communities of Davidson County, Franklin, and Murfreesboro. We don't know who any of these illegal aliens are, including whether or not they have a criminal history.

This is absolutely unacceptable, and I won't stand for it. 

Tennessee does not have sanctuary cities. We ensured this by law back in 2018 when I fought as a State Senator to put teeth in the legislation that banned them. We are a state of law and order.

The fact is, Secretary Mayorkas has refused to enforce the law and has breached the public trust. And that's why, just this week, I led the passage of articles of impeachment against Secretary Mayorkas in the Committee on Homeland Security.

The Biden administration must immediately reverse this outrageous decision to locate these illegal aliens in Tennessee.”