Rep. Mark Green Introduces Slate of Bills to Confront CCP’s Malign Influence

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green introduced a slate of 5 bills to confront the Chinese Communist Party’s malign influence.

The package, which Green introduced previously in the 116th Congress, includes the Bring American Companies Home Act, the Our Money in China Transparency Act, the Secure Our Systems Against China’s Tactics Act, the China Technology Transfer Control Act, and a China debt repayment resolution.

Green said, “Communist China’s rise in military and economic power is one of the greatest security threats our nation faces today. China’s leaders are now asserting dominance diplomatically, informationally, militarily, and economically. That’s why I’m reintroducing several bills to strengthen our national security against the CCP’s malign influence.”

“It’s past time we address the CCP’s efforts to exert control in our economy, our educational institutions, and our military industrial base. From stealing sensitive intellectual property to preying on vulnerable American companies, China’s communist leaders have pursued their ambitions at a steep cost to the American people, their own people, and the world. My bills take the swift action we need to protect America’s critical infrastructure and bring our supply chains home. Our security and prosperity depend on it.”

Green reintroduced the following pieces of legislation as part of the package:

The Bring American Companies Home Act covers the moving costs of companies moving production back to the United States.

The Our Money in China Transparency Act requires a full reporting of all Federal funds spent in collaboration with Chinese institutions.

The Secure Our Systems Against China’s Tactics Act prevents China from purchasing vulnerable American defense companies.

The China Technology Transfer Control Act stops China’s military from acquiring sensitive technology and intellectual property.

The China Debt Repayment resolution calls on China to repay $1.6 trillion in sovereign debt owed to the American people.