FY2022 NDAA Contains 150 Percent Increase in Army Barracks Funding

WASHINGTON— After months of advocating for the increase in funding for United States Army barracks, the House version of the FY2022 National Defense Authorization Act contains a 150 percent increase in funding.

In April, Rep. Green submitted an amendment to increase the Army's Operation and Maintenance budget for Facilities Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization by $200 million. These funds will help improve unaccompanied personnel housing / barracks, many of which are in atrocious conditions.

Rep. Green said, “Ensuring our servicemembers have safe and properly-maintained barracks is crucial. Having been an Army Recruiting Company Commander myself, I know firsthand this is critical to not only to recruitment, but also to retention. Prioritizing livable barracks should be a priority of the Pentagon and the Biden Administration—not social engineering.”

“As the voice in Washington for thousands of soldiers and their families at Fort Campbell, I will always be committed to ensuring our servicemembers can focus on the mission at hand. Dilapidated barracks across all branches of our Armed Forces serve as a disincentive to reenlistment—this 150% increase to barracks funding addresses this pressing problem. As America's sons and daughters serve and protect this country, quality and well-maintained housing should be a top priority. I'm proud this has been included in the NDAA."