Rep. Mark Green Introduces the Our Money in China Transparency Act

WASHINGTON—Rep. Green has introduced the Our Money in China Transparency Act, which would require detailed annual reporting on any Federal funds spent on activities conducted in collaboration with China’s entities and institutions.

Green said, “As our Nation recovers from the devastating impacts of a virus unleashed on the world by the lies and dishonesty of the Chinese Communist Party, America’s taxpayers deserve a closer look at Federal funds that currently go to entities in China. My bill provides a detailed tabulation of every penny spent in any activity in collaboration with China’s institutions and entities. This is a common sense approach to ensure that we, the American people, have complete transparency about our money in China.”

In April, Rep. Green introduced the SOS ACT (Secure Our Systems Against China’s Tactics), which prevents China’s strategic acquisitions during the pandemic by incentivizing American investors to back vulnerable companies that are critical to U.S. national security. He also introduced the Bring American Companies Home Act, which would pay the moving costs of American companies that bring their production back to the U.S. from China.