WASHINGTON – In reaction to reports about a spending deal between the White House and Congressional leaders, Rep. Mark Green released the following statement:

“Imagine someone living far beyond their means. He receives a large income, yes, but he has a giant mortgage, a luxury vehicle, high-end clothing and expensive hobbies. His expenses far exceed his income. Year after year goes by, but he never changes his lifestyle. Debt piles up. Now he’s worried about missing payments on his bills. So he looks for another loan.

“A normal bank would never loan this person more money. Would you?

“In this case, the bank is the American taxpayer. And the taxpayer is represented by Congress. And leaders in Congress are poised to loan this guy (the federal government) more money, rather than instruct him to adjust his lifestyle.

“The spending deal before us would continue Washington’s reckless spending with an unlimited line of credit. That means our children and grandchildren will pay for it. While I am glad our military receives a boost under this deal, and Fort Campbell would benefit, I cannot support this bill. We can—and must—do better. President Trump has proposed a budget that includes serious spending cuts. Congress should start there instead.”