Rep. Green Votes YES to Pay Raise for Troops and NO to Liberal Pet Projects in Wasteful Spending Bills 

WASHINGTON – This afternoon, Rep. Mark Green voted YES on the defense spending bill, H.R. 1158, and voted NO on the reckless domestic spending bill, H.R. 1865.

Green said, “Releasing 2,313 pages of funding bills less than 24 hours before we have to vote on them and days before the funding deadline is no way to govern. We can, and must, do better. While the bill is far from perfect, I voted YES on the defense bill because it gives our troops the pay raise they deserve and properly funds our national security priorities. I voted NO on the 1,773-page domestic spending package because it’s loaded with radical policy riders and liberal pet projects that would increase the national debt by $500 billion over the course of a decade.”

“Speaker Pelosi, let’s fix this broken process. Let’s get government spending under control and get to work for the American people instead of wasting time on these sham impeachment hearings,” said Green, in opposition to Washington’s wasteful and irresponsible spending in the face of America’s $1 trillion deficit.

The first bill, H.R. 1158, would provide funding to give our troops a 3.1% pay raise—the largest in a decade—and rebuild our military after years of neglect.

The second bill, H.R. 1865, crammed with liberal priorities and harmful policy riders, would provide unnecessary tax extenders to benefit insider industries at the expense of American taxpayers and a 7-year reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.