Rep. Green to Reject Corrupt Pelosi Earmarks 

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), announced that he will not participate in the corrupt earmark process brought back by Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats:

"It’s rare for Congress to get anything right, but in 2011 after Americans rose up to usher in the Tea Party wave, Congressional Republicans got it right and banned earmarks. Today, at a time when our national debt is at record highs, the last thing Congress should do is resurrect earmarks—one of the Swamp’s most corrupt practices." 

"While some call it “Community Project Funding," and others call it “Member Directed Spending," no matter how much lipstick you try to put on the pig, an earmark is an earmark. I voted against changing our rules to allow earmarks last month, I will not be participating in Speaker Pelosi’s earmark process, and I will most definitely not be voting for any Bridges to Nowhere."

Rep. Green has led the fight for fiscal responsibility and has introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment. He has also been at the forefront of fighting for transparency and accountability in how American taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars are spent.