Rep. Green Fights to Bring Baby Formula to Shelves Amid Shortage

WASHINGTON—This week, Rep. Mark Green introduced the Baby Formula Emergency Act to help immediately solve the formula crisis.

Rep. Green’s legislation removes bureaucratic red tape and barriers to market for infant formula. First, it allows for duty-free importation of infant formula. Second, it allows, without restrictions, the production, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of any infant formula provided it either meets existing FDA nutrition guidelines or guidelines in its country-of-origin (such as the European Union or Canada). Third, it allows the FDA to prevent the product from being sold if deemed unsafe.

Rep. Green said, “Parents across the country are grappling with the heartbreaking reality of bare shelves and rationed baby formula—a critical crisis that has highlighted just how brittle and prone to supply shocks the baby formula supply chain is. My Baby Formula Emergency Act, in the short-term, will help solve the crisis immediately by allowing for an influx of baby formula by suspending burdensome tariffs and restrictions. Further, eliminating tariffs, non-tariff barriers, and burdensome FDA regulations preventing competition is critical to a long-term solution to address the fragility of the baby formula supply chain. Parents should never feel this fear again.”

Read the bill here.