WASHINGTON – House Republicans are trying to force a vote on the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act, a bill that would require medical care protections for infants born during an abortion. In the upcoming weeks, Rep. Mark Green will offer the bill and request approval by unanimous consent to vote on the legislation on the House floor.

The bill comes after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam caused a nationwide uproar when he endorsed infanticide on WTOP-FM while he defending a piece of legislation in Virginia that would allow abortions when a mother was dilating and in labor.

Rep. Mark Green, M.D. is an original co-sponsor of the bill and a vocal proponent of pro-life policies.

“Like many Americans, chills went through my spine when I heard the Virginia governor take to the airwaves and casually endorse killing a baby after birth,” Rep. Mark Green, M.D. said. “Every baby deserves our protection – especially those that have been born. If Democrats fail to support this measure, it will reveal how extreme and far outside the mainstream they’ve become.”

New polling released this month shows 63% of Americans would ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. 92% of Republicans and 61% of Democrats want “significant restrictions” on abortion. The United States is only 1 in 7 countries worldwide that even allow abortions in the late term – 20 weeks or later. Joining us at the bottom of the 198 countries worldwide are notorious human rights offenders like China and North Korea.

Science tells us that babies begin feeling pain around 20 weeks. And children begin becoming viable – able to live outside the womb – around 20 weeks. Take, for example, Micah Pickering. Born at 20 weeks gestational age, Micah Pickering was born extremely early but is now six years old, enrolled in school and living a full life with two loving parents.