Rep. Green Named to Cybersecurity Subcommittee 

WASHINGTON—This week, Rep. Mark Green, a combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with 24 years of combined military service, was named to the Homeland Security Committee’s Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Innovation Subcommittee for the 2020 legislative session. 

The subcommittee is tasked with reviewing legislation over critical defense issues including cybersecurity challenges, infrastructure threats, and election interference.

“It was an honor to serve our country fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Serving on the Cybersecurity subcommittee will allow me to continue protecting our great country from the threats of the 21st century,” said Green. “At this time of emerging cyber threats to the homeland from Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea, we must do everything we can to keep Americans safe. I look forward to helping tackle the security and modernization issues facing our Nation today and working on legislation to address cyber risks, secure our elections systems, and protect our Nation’s critical infrastructure.”