BRUSSELS – Last weekend, Rep. Mark Green participated in the Brussels Forum organized by the German Marshall Fund, a nonpartisan public policy think tank dedicated to promoting cooperation between North America and Europe.

On Friday, Rep. Green spoke to the Young Professionals Summit, comprised of young leaders in government, think tanks, and business in Europe and the United States from over 20 countries. Dr. Green emphasized the need for alliances, especially the transatlantic alliance as the world moves from a unipolar to a bipolar world.

On Saturday, Rep. Mark Green joined a panel discussion on cybersecurity featuring NATO’s Assistant Secretary General Antonio Missiroli and Daimler VP Eckart von Klaeden, also a former German Member of Parliament. Green specifically addressed the theft of intellectual property from China and its impact on the U.S. economy, and took questions on the U.S. treatment of Chinese technology companies like Huawei.  The Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of U.S., European, and global political, corporate, and intellectual leaders.  Rep. Green met with leaders of NATO, Taiwan, and several European nations.  He additionally spoke at a focus group on the issues in the Indo-Pacific. 

In his opening remarks, Green posited, “You probably have all heard of the DIME model or paradigm of warfare. And you've also probably heard of the domains of war. We think of an attack, we think of a strike against a building, and you see people and you see the wounded. But with a cyberattack, you don't see that. It's a totally different domain. But what you can see is the economic impact or the information or diplomatic impact on a country. In the United States, one in five companies has lost IP, intellectual property to China. The economic impact on our nation is believed to be between 300 billion and $600 billion each year.”

The full clip of the panel can be found here, and the transcript can be found here. For a clip of Rep. Mark Green’s remarks, please click here.