Rep. Mark Green Introduces Constitutional Amendment Requiring Congress to Balance Its Budget

WASHINGTON–Today, Rep. Mark Green introduced a constitutional amendment that would require Congress to pass a balanced budget within 10 years and keep that budget permanently balanced.

The constitutional amendment, which Green first introduced in the 116th Congress, ensures that the Federal government is subject to the same spending constraints as states. Many states have passed amendments to their state constitutions requiring their states to maintain balanced budgets. 

Green said, “America’s national debt now sits at over $28 trillion with no end in sight. This is a crippling burden that our children and grandchildren will shoulder, yet Congressional spending is out of control. This week, the House will pass yet another $1.9 trillion spending bill, despite over $1 trillion in previously-passed stimulus money still sitting here unspent in Washington DC. We cannot keep functioning this way. America’s future generations deserve better. My constitutional amendment would require Congress to pass a balanced budget within the decade and stick to it. It’s long past time for the Federal government to start living within its means and stop this unnecessary and wasteful spending.”