Rep. Mark Green Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Stop Court Packing

WASHINGTON–Today, Rep. Mark Green introduced a Constitutional amendment to prevent radical Democrats from packing the Supreme Court. The amendment, which Green introduced previously in the 116th Congress, will limit the number of seats on the Supreme Court to nine, the number it has been since 1869.

Green’s amendment follows President Biden’s announcement that he will form a commission to study “reforms” to the Supreme Court, as well as legislation introduced by Rep. Jerry Nadler and other Democrats to expand the number of Supreme Court justices from 9 to 13.

Green said, “Radical Democrats are desperate to expand the Supreme Court and fill it with activist judges. Justices are legal scholars meant to interpret the law as written and to uphold the Constitution, but this isn’t the role some Democrats want the Supreme Court to play. Some Democrats want a Court that will rubber stamp their progressive policies, no questions asked. Make no mistake—packing the Supreme Court will destroy the integrity of this institution. Adding justices to solidify one party’s grip on power is a threat to judicial independence and our entire system of government. We must stop the Supreme Court from becoming a body of super-legislators and preserve our Republic as the Founders intended it.”