Rep. Green Bill to Protect Shooting Sports Passes Senate Unanimously

WASHINGTON—Tonight, Rep. Mark Green’s Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act passed the Senate unanimously and is headed to the President’s desk. The bill, which passed the House in a near-unanimous vote last night, would protect extracurricular activities such as shooting sports and archery from being defunded. 

Green said, “This is an incredible win for students across America. Congress has spoken loud and clear, and I urge President Biden to sign my bill into law.” 

“I’m grateful for the overwhelming bipartisan support this bill garnered in the House, the Senate, and across the country. Both sides of the aisle agree that shooting sports and archery programs in schools contribute to the well-being and development of students. The passage of this bill in the Senate within a day of its passage in the People’s House is proof of that. The tremendous benefit of sports and extracurricular activities, especially those that get kids outside, cannot be overstated.” 

Read the bill here