Rep. Green Fights to Restore Funding for Shooting Sports

WASHINGTON—Rep. Mark Green joined Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Education and Workforce Committee Chair Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), and other House Republican Members in urging the Department of Education to reverse guidance blocking federal funding for school archery and hunting courses. 

Green said, “I will not sit idly by while President Biden levels an attack on shooting sports because of his antipathy towards the Second Amendment. First, the Biden administration attacked women’s sports, and now, it is going after shooting sports—this is shameful.” 

“Telling Tennessee schools what courses they can and cannot offer is a gross overreach that undermines federalism. Students with an interest in archery, hunting, and other shooting sports should be allowed to explore those pursuits. Taking these courses away does a disservice to students who depend on these sports for college scholarships.”

That’s why I introduced my Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act, which puts an end to the Biden administration’s attack on these sports. As a hunter and fisherman, I know how important it is to protect this tradition and our culture. I won’t allow our children to lose these important educational opportunities. We should encourage students to participate in enriching athletic activities that foster an appreciation for nature and the ability to focus on a goal, not discourage and defund them.” 

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