Rep. Green Fights to Bar Obscene Material in Classrooms and Libraries

WASHINGTON—Rep. Mark Green re-introduced the No Obscene Teaching in Our Schools Act, also known as the NOT In Our Schools Act. The bill prohibits federal funds from being disbursed to schools that violate their own state laws on material deemed harmful to children. 

Rep. Green said, “As millions of students go back to school, my bill protects children from the far left’s campaign to push offensive and obscene material into our schools.”

“This bill puts our children first by ensuring federal funds don’t go to schools that exploit the innocence of children. Parents send their children to school to learn—not be exposed to obscene materials. If a school breaks the law, states and parents should at the very least have the flexibility to divert a child’s education funding to a 529 plan.”

He continued, “My bill respects federalism. States should have the power to determine what curriculum is appropriate for their students, without the federal government using education funding to get around those decisions.”

Read the bill here.