Rep. Green Protects Military Families from CCP in FY24 NDAA

WASHINGTON—Rep. Mark Green’s amendment to stop the sale of Chinese manufactured goods in our military commissary stores and base exchanges made it into the House Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

Rep. Green said, “As the voice for families and servicemembers stationed at Fort Campbell, I am appalled that our servicemembers are being forced to choose between bolstering the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and getting the goods they need on post. This is especially heinous because we know that there is no way to divorce the CCP from Chinese business. This is a matter of principle. Many Chinese products are produced using cheap labor at best and slave labor at worst. Our country was founded on the ideals of freedom and equality, both of which are viewed with contempt by the CCP regime.” 

Green continued, “This is also a matter of taking care of our servicemembers and their families—we must strive to ensure our military has the best, and that doesn’t happen with cheap goods produced in Communist China. It happens with goods made in America—and goods made by our allies.”