Rep. Green Fights for Tennessee’s Right to Stand for Life, Without Jeopardizing Healthcare Access 

NASHVILLE, Tenn., —This week, Rep. Mark Green sent a letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra regarding the Department’s illegal decision to revoke Title X family planning funding from the State of Tennessee due to the State’s decision to stand for life.  

He wrote: “Title X has supported Tennessee families for decades, and the Biden administration’s decision to revoke funding is unacceptable. HHS claims that Tennessee is ‘out of compliance’ with Title X regulations because of their incorrect and outdated 2021 rule that requires abortion referrals upon client request. This rule is deeply troubling because the law has been unequivocally clear since its establishment in 1970; Title X funds may not be used to support abortion as a method of family planning, and any abortion activities must be ‘separate and distinct’ from Title X programs. That is the law.”

“While Secretary Becerra may struggle to comprehend statutory law and his solemn oath to uphold said laws, the State of Tennessee is operating well within its constitutional bounds. Revoking Title X funds to Tennessee is arbitrary and malicious. In the wake of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which justly ruled that abortion is not a constitutional right, Tennessee banned the killing of unborn babies and required healthcare providers to only share information regarding all legal options within the State.”

He also said: “The only recent change in Tennessee law and practice, as it pertains to Title X, is the law to protect life. There were no other intervening circumstances or changes that could have provoked this revocation of funds. The Biden administration is targeting Tennessee because they believe everyone must kowtow to the radical pro-abortion agenda.”

Read the letter here