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ICYMI: Rep. Green Joins the Sara Carter Show to Discuss the Border Crisis and the Threat of the CCP

Recently, Rep. Green sat down with Fox News contributor and Award-Winning journalist Sara Carter for her podcast, where he explained that border officials report an alarming number of single, military-aged Chinese males coming to our border. Rep. Green breaks down the danger this poses to our national security and details the House GOP legislation to restore order to the border.  

In Case You Missed It via The Sara Carter Show, Rep. Green urges Americans across the country to contact their lawmakers in Washington and demand they secure the border.

House Homeland Security Chairman: Military-Aged Chinese Males are Flooding the Border

By Sara Carter

May 23, 2023

On President Biden’s handling of the Southwest border, Rep. Green said: 

“...This President, in just two years, has had more people come into the country than in the last 12 years before. So you add Obama and you add Trump together, this President has already exceeded that 5.5 million known encounters and 1.5 million known got aways. Chief Ortiz, tells us that another 20% of those people they just never see. So seven and a half million people have come into the country in two years.” 

On how this border crisis got to this point, Rep. Green stated: 

“...[This crisis] happened not because we cut the number of border patrol agents. It happened not because we cut the budget for customs and border protection. It happened because as soon as you know it, President Biden got in charge. They cut all the policies. And they basically signaled that the border was open, migrants tested that called home and said the border is open. And so people are pouring in, basically catch and release. That's how we got to where we are.” 

On China’s role in the fentanyl crisis in the United States, Rep. Green said:

“...China is doing everything it can to pump fentanyl [into the U.S.]. We think there are around 160,000 fentanyl-producing labs in China. And the CCP tells us they can't find them. It's the most surveilled society on the planet. In fact, there's been nothing like this in the history of mankind. They're lying. And they're doing this on purpose. Now, historically, it’s a combination of revenge from the Opium Wars when Britain was selling opium to China, but more so, they're doing everything they can to take down the United States as the global hegemony. They want to be setting the parameters of the world order. So this is just a part of China's effort to destabilize the United States. It's absolutely happening.”

On military-aged Chinese males crossing the southern border, Rep. Green said:

“...I'll break a little news here. We have someone who's told us, there are 1000s of Chinese nationals that have crossed over this open southern border or have just been released into the United States. And something that border patrol told us, is many of those are in the 25 to 30 years age males who have prior experience with the PLA. So we're worried about the Chinese balloon, we really need to be worried about our southern border. [...] This is insane what the President is doing. It's a dereliction of duty, to say the least. And we have a plan to show that to the American people over the next couple of months.”