Rep. Green Calls for an End to the Biden Admin’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Coverup 

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Green released the following statement after the Biden administration stonewalled the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s subpoena to see the Afghanistan withdrawal dissent cable and Secretary Blinken’s response: 

“As someone who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, this topic is extremely personal. The Biden administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal has left bloodied marks on our nation’s reputation, on Afghanistan, and on our allies. The only salve is accountability. And that is why I have appreciated Chairman Michael McCaul’s steadfast leadership on this issue.

Unfortunately, Secretary Blinken has yet to allow every member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to view the Kabul Embassy dissent cable that warned the Biden administration against a hasty withdrawal. This lack of transparency is appalling. 

“Because of President Biden’s botched withdrawal, 13 U.S. servicemembers are dead, and many more are injured. Lawmakers must fully understand what advice was given to Biden officials before these decisions were made and how the President responded. 

“The American people deserve answers. They deserve to know why the Biden administration deserted Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night without informing our allies. They deserve to know why Americans were left behind, why promises to Afghan interpreters and allies were broken, and why our servicemembers were treated like sitting ducks at the Kabul airport when a more secure airport 57 miles away could have been used. 

“The Biden administration is trying to brush its misdeeds under the rug. Chairman McCaul and House Republicans won’t let them. We are committed to our oversight duties. If Biden administration officials continue to put barriers in our way, we will tear them down, one brick at a time–no matter how long it takes. 

“The Committee first requested the dissent cable back in August 2021, and Chairman McCaul has given Secretary Blinken plenty of accommodations. It’s time for the stonewalling to end. Secretary Blinken must satisfy the Chairman’s subpoena for this dissent cable to be made available to all members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”