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Rep. Green Stands for Israel in the Press

It’s Critical Members of Congress Show Steadfast Support for our Indispensable Ally

In case you missed it, Rep. Green has been vocal in his support for Israel and his condemnation of Hamas and its backer, Iran.

Read highlights from his interviews below:

When asked about the connection between the border crisis and the threat of terrorism, Rep. Green replied, “With minimal vetting of those individuals coming in through ports of entry, we have no way to assure the American people that there aren’t Hamas cells right here in the country. As far as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran go we’re the Big Satan and Israel is the Little Satan. There’s no doubt in my mind that [Iran] is plotting against us. They hate us. We’re a target.”  

When asked about President Biden’s renewal of a sanctions waiver for Iran, Rep. Green said: “Any money we allow Iran to get their hands on is going to continue to fund their war against Israel and their war against the United State through their proxies. The sanctions should be put back on. Any funding that was promised for hostages should be blocked permanently. We have to continue that kind of pressure on Iran or we’re just going to embolden them more.”

Your World with Neil Cavuto-Fox News

November 14, 2023 

Watch the full Fox News interview here.

The Sean Hannity Show

November 1, 2023

Listen to the full interview here

When asked about the FBI Director’s warning, Rep. Green said: “Secretary Mayorkas’ policies have facilitated this open border and have created the greatest national security risk to this country. … When the Gerald Ford was sent into the Mediterranean [Hamas] responded and said ‘we aren’t afraid; you better beware.’ I’m assuming that threat is either about Americans held hostage in Gaza or some cell that’s sitting here in the United States. And it’s all because of the failure of Secretary Mayorkas and his policies. They are aiding and abetting criminal cartels and potentially terrorists who have infiltrated our country.”

The Todd Starnes Show

November 1, 2023

Listen to Rep. Green’s interview with Todd Starnes here.

Rep. Green said, “We have to pay for [support for aid to Israel] from somewhere and the country is broke. The Inflation Reduction Act spent close to $1.7 trillion … contributing to massive inflation we’re having in the country. And part of that was a huge plus up to the IRS. … But this just adds a cost to doing business and assumes guilt instead of assuming innocence. So, we are taking the extra money from the IRS… and pay for the assistance to Israel. 

When asked about Israel’s war against Hamas, he said: “Annihilation is a strategy, attrition is a strategy…and annihilation of Hamas is the right strategy…Israel should be able to fight and crush its enemy, and Israel’s enemy is Hamas.

“I’m about to walk in… and vote to support Israel. It’s a statement… pledging the full support of the United States Congress and the United States government to Israel and their fight against Hamas.” 

Evening Edit-Fox Business

October 25, 2023

Watch more of Rep. Green’s interview on Evening Edit right before he votes to support Israel here.

When asked, “What is going to be done about Iran?” Rep. Green replied: “President Trump did an excellent job of placing sanctions that worked. What this president has done is lifted those sanctions, allowing [Iran] to sell as much as two billion barrels of oil a day, putting $25 billion into their coffers. That money is then turned around and used by Hamas and Hezbollah, and the other Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq to basically sow discord throughout the Middle East.”

When asked about the U.S.’ ability to deter provocations from Iranian-backed actors, Rep. Green said:  “Being there and being there forcefully, that’s good. Two aircraft carriers is a lot of fire power. … It looks like it’s working right now, there have been some small incursions, but nothing major from Hezbollah in the north. … It’s important to note that a cruiser and a destroyer have knocked down missiles from Yemen, so we are defending Israel in that respect from Iranian-backed militias and terrorists.”

The Record with Greta Van Susteren-Newsmax

October 22, 2023

Watch the full interview here.

When asked about the President’s decision to combine funding for Israel, Ukraine, and border security into one package, Rep. Green replied: “You can’t equate our relationship with Ukraine and our relationship with Israel. Israel has been an ally of the United States since eleven minutes after its founding. … Our military participation and partnership over the years is much deeper. And our enemy is the same—Hamas and Iran. … Americans are threatened by Hamas, here at home, because of our open southern borders. We need to support Israel and we need to support this fight to destroy Hamas.” 

Your World with Neil Cavuto-Fox News

October 21, 2023

Watch Rep. Green’s interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News here.

When asked about tying aid for Ukraine and Israel together, Rep. Green said: “You can’t conflate our relationship with Ukraine and our relationship with Israel. Eleven minutes after the state was formed, we recognized Israel’s right to exist and we have been very close allies ever since.” 

Outnumbered-Fox News

October 20, 2023

Watch the full conversation here.

“We need to be much stronger with Iran. What they’ve done throughout the Middle East… they have created a bipolar access to go against the Sunnis, and of course, Israel. They are the enemy. The fact that the President still wants to cut a deal is unacceptable.”

Fox News at Night-Fox News

October 19, 2023

Watch the full Fox News at Night interview here.

“Hamas are murderous… these people need to be destroyed. I support what Israel’s been doing, but I also support the citizenry having a way to get out and get the things they need.”

“While Israel does everything that it can to limit [collateral damage], there will be some. But the bad guys, the Hamas terrorists, they don’t care. They want collateral damage.” 

America Decides with Major Garrett-CBS News

October 18, 2023

Watch the full CBS interview here.

“It takes strength, and this president is anything but strong.”  

When asked about the Biden administration’s actions to sanction Iran, Rep. Green said: 

“It’s a fly swatter on the back of the hand. What we’ve got to do is shut down Iran’s oil production, they’re making billions of dollars. We need to turn the sanctions back on, we need to crush their economy. We need them out of power.”

Frontline with Carl Higbie-Newsmax

October 18, 2023

Watch the full interview on Newsmax here.

“We need to be much stronger. Hamas cannot hold Americans hostage, that cannot be tolerated.” 

Fox & Friends-Fox News

October 14, 2023

Watch the full interview on Fox and Friends here.

“Looks like this may have been in the works for over a year so very clearly this was an intelligence failure.”


NC5 Evening News with Rhori Johnston-NC5

October 10, 2023

Watch the interview here.

“If it were me, I’d tell Hamas, ‘Give us our people in 72 hours or we’re coming.’”

WKRN with Andy Pederson

October 10, 2023

Watch the WKRN interview here.

“We should certainly communicate to Iran that if Hezbollah gets involved in the north… that we are going to get involved. We must do everything we can to prevent that second front from opening up.” 

“Americans were killed and Americans are being held hostage so everything should be on the table. We should tell them that we’re prepared to do whatever is necessary to rescue Americans and support our ally, Israel.”

 “We have the sovereign right to go in and rescue Americans, our guys are the best in the world. And Hamas should expect it.” 

CNN Newsroom with Jim Sciutto-CNN

October 9, 2023

Watch the full CNN interview here.

“Totalitarian dictators are going to do what they say. And clearly, Iran wants to destroy Israel, wipe them off the face of the map.”

“This all goes back to this administration and their unwillingness to hold the Iranians accountable. Sanctions are essential. Maximum pressure is the strategy to take here.” 

Fox Business-Fox News

October 9, 2023

Watch the full interview with Fox Business here.

“Weakness is provocation to bad actors so [Israel] needs to go in and destroy Hamas. They need to meet this with decisive action. Period.” 

“Iran has been our enemy since 1979. The problem is, the President Biden… [doesn’t] seem to know a good guy from a bad guy. … They want to do a deal with Iran that supports Hamas and Hezbollah and destabilizes the Middle East left and right. They need to get it figured out quickly because the world is becoming increasingly unstable and so is our country.” 

“I have friends in the IDF…been sending me videos… [and what] Hamas has done…it's horrific. It would be a war crime if they were a military unit, but they’re not, they’re just blatant terrorist thugs.”

“We need to tell [Hamas], we will hunt you down and crush you.” 

Fox News-Live

October 7, 2023

Watch the full interview with Fox News here.

Evening Edit-Fox News

November 30, 2023

Watch the full interview here

When asked about the the Biden administration’s handling of Israel’s war against Hamas, Rep. Green stated: “[The Biden administration is] fighting against their own party, because their party is the woke BDS movement.

“[President Biden] is going to continue to soft pedal on this because he thinks he has to cover his hard base. The problem is that that just emboldens the enemy: it emboldens Iran, it emboldens Hamas, and it emboldens Hezbollah,” he stated.