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ICYMI: In Honor of Wildlife Conservation Day, Rep. Green Details the Critical Role Hunters and Fishermen Play in Preserving our Beautiful Country

Earlier this year, the Biden administration attempted to cut federal funding for shooting, fishing, and archery sports in schools, which would have jeopardized college scholarship opportunities for thousands of students. 

In response, Rep. Green introduced his Protecting Heritage and Education Act. This bipartisan bill quickly passed the House and Senate with overwhelming support and was signed into law by President Biden.

In Case You Missed It, via North American Deer Hunter, Rep. Green explains how hunting and fishing in the United States goes beyond just putting food on the table; it's a generational effort to preserve and maintain our beautiful lands, animals, and natural resources. 

Hunters and Fisherman are the Best Conservationists

By Rep. Mark Green

October 21, 2023

Hunting and fishing in the United States goes beyond just putting food on the table; it’s a generational effort to preserve and maintain this nation. It is ingrained in our culture. For many, passing that culture down to the next generation is both a duty and an honor. As a hunter and fisherman, myself, I look forward to hunting seasons year-round: deer, quail, pheasant, duck, etc. Those are the days when I get to share moments with friends and family in God’s country.

The best way to teach conservation is through education. Throughout Tennessee, our schools offer extracurricular activities and classes that encourage students to take part in outdoor traditions like shooting sports.

The stakes for students and our nation are high. Young people have been trapped behind screens and video games for too long. Shooting and archery sports are getting kids away from behind screens and into nature. These kids are getting involved in their communities. They’re meeting new friends and putting down the controller to pick up a rod or a bow. This is a good thing. We should encourage it. 

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