Rep. Green Urges President Biden to Reject Any Unconstitutional Commitments to the World Health Organization

WASHINGTON–Today, Rep. Mark Green sent a letter to President Biden urging him to reject any commitment to the World Health Organization that does not adhere to the requirements of the Constitution’s Treaty Clause or any commitments that would infringe on the powers reserved to the states.

An excerpt from the letter reads: "I write to express concern about your Administration’s efforts to deepen America’s involvement in the World Health Organization. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the deep corruption of this international organization, which colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to downplay the initial outbreak of the virus and further assisted the CCP in restricting investigations into the origins of the pandemic. I would remind your Administration that the executive does not have the constitutional authority to commit the United States to a binding treaty without the advice and consent of the Senate. While the President holds the authority to negotiate treaties with foreign powers, the Constitution requires the Senate to concur before any treaties are binding on the American people. This is an essential safeguard that the Framers established in Article II of the Constitution as limiting executive power. "

Rep. Green said, "It is the height of foolishness that the Biden Administration would even consider any further commitments to the World Health Organization, an institution that worked in concert with the Chinese Communist Party to deflect the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is unacceptable."

 Read the letter here