Reps Green and Sires Address China’s Malign Influence, Illegal Immigration with Nearshoring Bill

WASHINGTON–Today, Rep. Mark Green, Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, Civilian Security, Migration and International Economic Policy, and Rep. Albio Sires, Chair of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, Civilian Security, Migration, and International Economic Policy, introduced the Western Hemisphere Nearshoring Act

Rep. Green said, “The Western Hemisphere Nearshoring Act is a threefold win. First, it makes the United States less dependent on Chinese manufacturing.  Second, it is a win for Latin America because it will provide more jobs and economic growth, without a penny of taxpayer dollars. Thirdly, as opportunities increase in Latin America, the Nearshoring of manufacturing will decrease migration to the US Southern Border. A separate bill filed previously addresses moving manufacturing back to the United States.”

Rep. Sires said, "This bipartisan legislation is a critical part of our strategy to compete with China. By incentivizing producers to relocate to Latin America and the Caribbean, we can contain China's influence while creating economic opportunity, addressing the root causes that drive migration to the U.S. I'm proud to work alongside Congressman Green to build a more prosperous and resilient Western Hemisphere."

Background on the Western Hemisphere Nearshoring Act: Returning manufacturing to our hemisphere from China would reduce our supply chain’s dependence on Chinese manufacturing while fostering economic prosperity among our southern neighbors. Our bill increases the standard of living in Latin America through foreign investments and robust industrial sectors and creates a low-interest loan program so that companies will move their factories from China to the Western Hemisphere. Since it is funded by Chinese tariffs, it costs zero taxpayer dollars.

Reps. Green and Sires worked alongside House Foreign Affairs Committee Members and immigration attorneys to craft this important legislation to reduce the strain of illegal immigration on our southern border while preventing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in the Western Hemisphere. It confronts the malign influence of Chinese investments in our back yard, nearshores our supply chain, decouples the US from Chinese goods, creates investment opportunities for American investors, and a host of other advantages.

See a small video presentation on how the bill works here.

Read the bill here