Rep. Green Files Bill to Stop Foreign Adversaries from Buying Land Around U.S. Military Bases

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green introduced the Military Perimeter Transparency Act, which directs the Secretary of Defense to generate an ongoing report regarding foreign land purchases around United States military bases.

Green said“It’s critically important for the Department of Defense to identify when foreign adversaries like China or Russia acquire land near American military bases. America’s adversaries, especially those with a history of cyberattacks, espionage, and disinformation warfare, should never be allowed within reach of a U.S. military installation. Doing so would be a risk to our security and a major strategic mistake.”

“The Secretary of Defense and the heads of our Armed Forces must have full visibility when foreign governments attempt to acquire and use land in close proximity to our military bases. My bill is a common sense measure that will strengthen our defense and ensure transparency when it comes to securing the perimeter of our military bases.”

Read the bill here