Rep. Green Introduces Bill to Block Critical Race Theory Training in US Military Service Academies

WASHINGTON–Rep. Mark Green is introducing a bill to fight back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) training in US Military Service Academies. 

Critical Race Theory is a school of thought that teaches America–and every American institution–is based on a foundation of racism, instead of upon the principles of equality, justice, and freedom. Under pressure from the Pentagon, Service Academies have implemented Critical Race Theory initiatives ranging from mandatory diversity training to reading lists that include Ibram X. Kendi’s How to be an Antiracist. Some Service Academies have even gone as far as to add a Diversity and Inclusion minor.

Rep. Green, a graduate of West Point said, “Critical Race Theory is based on a massive and purposeful misunderstanding of the American founding, American history, and America as it exists today. This is a Marxist ideology created to tear American institutions down. It teaches Americans and members of the Armed Services to judge one another by the color of their skin instead of by the “content of their character.” America should never go back to this kind of thinking. A curriculum based on Critical Race Theory seeks to divide Americans instead of unite them.”

“The United States military service academies are designed to train leaders and warriors for combat—men and women of every race, creed, and religion. Critical Race Theory’s divisiveness will destroy the unit cohesion necessary to win in combat and defend this nation.”