Green, Pfluger, and Salazar Call for Comprehensive Strategy on Venezuela

WASHINGTON—Today, in a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, Republican Congressman Mark Green (TN-07), Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11), and Congresswoman Maria Salazar (FL-27) called on Congress and the Biden Administration to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the humanitarian and security crisis in Venezuela.

The lawmakers condemned the illegitimate Maduro regime’s human rights abuses, support for malign foreign actors, and subversion of freedom and democracy in the region. They called on the Biden Administration to stand with the people of Venezuela and develop a comprehensive strategy to hold the Maduro regime accountable for its atrocities while maintaining the United States’ leadership in the region.

Ranking Member Congressman Green said, “The illegitimate Maduro regime has caused a political and humanitarian crisis that has left a once prosperous country in political and economic shambles. The regime’s socialist policies and endemic corruption have resulted in years of economic freefall, hyperinflation, shortages in basic goods, and a poverty rate of 96% that has driven almost 6 million Venezuelans to seek a better life in other parts of the region. This crisis is impacting the entire Western Hemisphere. We cannot allow it to worsen. The American people stand with the people of Venezuela in their struggle for freedom, and we are calling today for a comprehensive strategy that will lead to a peaceful democratic transition for the Venezuelan people.”

“Socialism is to blame for the tragic demise of Venezuela,” said Congressman Pfluger. “Once one of the wealthiest countries in South America, the region is now stricken with poverty, mass starvation, violence, and egregious human rights violations perpetuated by a tyrannical government. Nicolás Maduro is an illegitimate tyrant who must absolutely be held accountable for the atrocities committed at the behest of his regime. The United States unequivocally stands with the freedom-loving people of Venezuela, and President Biden must develop a strong strategy to provide relief and maintain the United States’ leadership in the region.”

Congresswoman Salazar said, “Nicolas Maduro is a tyrant and a thug whose illegitimate rule has produced the worst humanitarian crisis in the history of the Western Hemisphere. The average Venezuelan has lost 15lbs due to starvation and malnourishment, the Venezuelan people are persecuted for expressing their opinions, and the regime employs the use of violent terror to jail and oppress any dissenting voices. As a member of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, I will always raise my voice on behalf of the brave people of Venezuela and their struggle for freedom!”

Watch the full hearing here.