Democrats Reject Rep. Green’s Amendment Protecting Faith-Based Women’s Shelters

WASHINGTON—House Democrats have again rejected a common-sense measure offered by Rep. Green. Rep. Green’s amendment to the Democrats’ Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act would have ensured that the grant programs reauthorized in the bill preserve the rights of conscience for faith-based women’s shelters and crisis service providers.

Without the key protections offered by Rep. Green, churches, non-profits, and individuals who seek to live out their faith by providing housing, meals, counseling, health services, and crisis services to women who face abuse and domestic violence would have to choose between their conscience or compliance with the law.

Green said, “House Democrats once again are placing their radical identity politics agenda above the needs of women facing domestic violence. By refusing to include protections for faith-based organizations in this bill, House Democrats are flinging open the door to overreaching Biden Administration policies that will force women’s facilities to admit biological males and target faith-based organizations that should retain the freedom to act according to their conscience. Many crisis service providers and women’s shelters are run by churches or individuals with strong faith commitments. House Democrats’ partisan actions will force these leaders to act against their sincerely held beliefs or lose Federal funding and shut their doors. My amendment would have protected these critical service providers and ensured that the programs authorized under the Violence Against Women Act support the women who most need our help.”