Rep. Mark Green Statement on Congress’ Impeachment Vote

 WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green released the following statement: 

“Our country just witnessed an unthinkable act of violence against our Capitol, and I’m grateful law enforcement continues to bring those who committed the crime to justice. Now is the time for this country to come together. Unity can only be achieved by focusing on where we find common ground instead of drawing new battle lines. Sadly, the efforts to impeach a President with only a week remaining in his term will only tear us further apart.

The rioting we’ve seen this past year—in cities across this country and at the Capitol—manifest that our nation is bitterly divided. Half the country has serious questions about the integrity of the election; the other half believes the President incited an insurrection. Some see hypocrisy and complete disdain from Washington; others see a fundamentally unjust system. Communities have been bitterly divided, and many have lost friends. It seems some have forgotten that we are all Americans.

So much of the American story has been about people from all walks of life coming together as one people. This kind of unity is uniquely American, but today, we have too many people choosing division instead of unity, personality and party instead of ‘one nation under God.’ We live in the greatest, most exceptional nation in world history. We can come together once again.

Every one of us has a role to play in bridging the divide. I urge all Americans to get off social media, and instead, talk with your neighbors, go to your house of worship, and call that family member you always argue with at Thanksgiving. And I hope President-elect Biden will ask his Congressional colleagues to work toward uniting the country instead of pursuing a rushed impeachment that will only deepen the wedge between us.”