Rep. Mark Green Joins President Trump at The White House to Discuss the Great American Comeback

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Green joined President Trump at The White House alongside other Members of Congress to discuss the United States’ response to the coronavirus and solutions to reignite the economy and usher in the great American comeback.

During the meeting, Green commented, “As an infantry officer, ER physician, and former business CEO, I know that when a leader is caught in an ambush, that leader needs to make split-second decisions with the information on hand. And I am proud of the decisions President Trump has made. Decisions like banning travel from China, which was laughed at and criticized by the press, but saved American lives.”

Green addressed President Trump, saying, “In Tennessee, we are open for business. We’re going to restaurants, businesses are running again, and we’re ready to lead the Nation. Tennesseans appreciate your phased plan, and we’re implementing it back home. Thank you for your leadership, Sir.”

Green discussed with President Trump why reopening America safely is critical—and how this unprecedented challenge to our country and the world has been made worse by China’s deception. He shared that he stands ready to work alongside the President and his Administration to combat the coronavirus using a whole-of-government approach, working across the Federal government and with Tennessee’s leaders to fight the virus and hold China accountable.

Yesterday, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that Rep. Green, a Member of the House Oversight Committee, has been named as one of five Republicans to serve on the Coronavirus Select Committee. Rep. Green is the only doctor appointed to serve on this Committee.