Rep. Mark Green Condemns $2.3 Trillion Spending Bill & Broken Legislative Process

 WASHINGTON—Tonight, Rep. Mark Green issued the following statement on the irresponsibly bloated $2.3 trillion backroom pork barrel spending bill passed by the House:

“Since September, Speaker Pelosi has refused to negotiate in good faith with Republicans to fund the government. Now, facing another self-inflicted shutdown, she once again forces a massive spending bill down our throats. I think every American can agree they would like their Member of Congress to have more than six hours to read a 5,593 page, $2.3 trillion bill before voting to bankrupt our children and grandchildren.”

“We have been fighting this pandemic for almost a year. We know that broad one-size-fits-all solutions do little to contain its spread or mitigate its effects. That’s why I’ve argued for months that any relief needs to be targeted—much like containment measures. We have once again failed the American people. It’s time to do better. It’s time for new leadership.”