Rep. Green Calls on National Security Subcommittee to Examine Program for Foreign Military Recruits

WASHINGTON—Rep. Green has sent a letter to National Security Subcommittee Chairman Lynch calling for a hearing to examine vulnerabilities in the Department of Defense’s MAVNI (Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest) program.

Green commented, “In recent years, DOD has discovered the MAVNI program recruited individuals who had received fraudulent visas to attend universities that did not exist, individuals with falsified transcripts from universities owned by a Foreign National Security Agency and a State Sponsored Intelligence Organization, and in one case, an individual with professed support for 9/11 terrorists.”

“This program was created to ensure our military has language skills and technical expertise that it may otherwise be unable to find. But without proper measures, the very agency given the mission of defense may open a door for a threat to our defense. I ask that you hold a hearing on this topic in the National Security Subcommittee as early as possible.”

Read Rep. Green’s full letter here:


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