Rep. Mark Green Votes NO on Speaker Pelosi’s Liberal Wish List

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Green voted NO on Speaker Pelosi’s partisan stimulus bill and resolution to allow proxy voting on the House floor.

Green said, “Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion, 1,800 page Christmas tree wish list was written in secret, behind closed doors, without any attempt at bipartisan negotiation. It gives a nearly $1 trillion bailout to states and localities, even though Congress has already allocated them over $765 billion. It lifts the SALT cap in a huge giveaway to millionaires and coastal elites. The people of Tennessee should not have to subsidize other states’ reckless spending over decades of mismanagement. The people of Tennessee should not have to subsidize states that can’t manage themselves.”

“Our country cannot afford for Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats to use this crisis any further as an opportunity to enact their radical agenda and pass a laundry list of partisan policies. Congress has taken historic action and passed well over $2 trillion to fight the coronavirus. While Speaker Pelosi wants to make dependence on the federal government permanent, the best plan to help our Nation move forward and recover is to reignite our great economy by safely getting Americans back to work.”

In response to Speaker Pelosi’s proxy voting resolution, which would allow Members of Congress to stay at home collecting a paycheck while America’s frontline workers are at risk, Green said, “Our health care providers, first responders, and grocers report to work each day. Why can't Members of Congress? Proxy voting is counter to our elected purpose and our Nation's principles. We must return to Congress for in-person voting, the way we were elected to operate.”