Rep. Green Demands Removal of Lynne Chandler García from Teaching Position at U.S. Air Force Academy

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green sent a letter to Acting Secretary of the Air Force, John P. Roth, calling for the removal of Professor Lynne Chandler García from her teaching position. Green said: 

“Professor García’s comments on Critical Race Theory are utterly unacceptable and incompatible with the mission of our United States Military Service Academies. Disparaging the United States as a racist country should disqualify anyone from teaching at one of our country’s most prestigious institutions. Our service academies prepare young men and women to fight for our country. How can we expect anyone to fight for a country they are taught is racist?

“As a graduate of West Point and Army veteran of two decades, I know firsthand what is taught at these service academies leaves a lasting impact. It was at West Point where I first raised my right hand and took the oath to defend our Constitution. If we want servicemembers who are proud to defend this country, we must not denigrate the very principles upon which it was founded. Making them ashamed of their country only decreases morale, retention, and unit cohesion. Critical Race Theory is a Marxist ideology that teaches the only way to right previous racial discrimination is to implement racial discrimination today. This goes against our Founding principles--not to mention illegal. If we allow this destructive ideology to be taught in our Military Service Academies, we will be responsible for this nation’s demise. Professor García must be removed from her teaching position.”

Read the letter here

 Rep. Green previously introduced a bill banning Critical Race Theory training in America’s Military Service Academies.