Rep. Green Leads Fight to Block Refugee Resettlement Without State Consent 

WASHINGTON—Rep. Mark Green is set to introduce the States Have a Say Act, a bill that will ensure every state has a say before the Biden Administration resettles refugees within that state’s boundaries. Green said:

“Last week, in the dead of night, unaccompanied migrant children were flown into Tennessee without our approval or consent. I am alarmed that the Biden Administration would use taxpayer resources to transport refugees into Tennessee without transparency or coordination with state authorities. This overreach and secrecy has to stop.”

“I’m filing a bill tomorrow that will block the Biden Administration from resettling refugees in a state without that state’s approval. No state should be forced to pay the price for the Biden border crisis. Our communities should not bear the burden of the Biden Administration’s irresponsible rhetoric and radical policies—policies that are currently making it profitable for child traffickers to operate freely along our southern border. The Biden Administration should stop turning every state into a border state and fix this crisis.”