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Learn about Representative Mark Green’s top priorities for serving the constituents of Tennessee’s 7th district.


As a physician, I know firsthand that life begins at conception, and it’s our moral responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us. 


Education should be completely controlled by states and local governments, not the federal government. K-12 education is the future of our country. The federal Department of Education has no business in our children’s education and should give up its power and transfer it back to the states.


I am a physician and started a successful healthcare company. I know that if we must put free market principles back into health care we can lower the cost of care and alleviate the burden on American consumers.


I know from my experience fighting the war on terror, Israel is our unwavering ally in the Middle East. A strong and robust relationship between Israel and America is critical.


As a combat veteran in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I understand the global challenges we face firsthand. We face challenges to our safety, security and stability.


To boost and feed our strong economy, government first and foremost needs to get out of the way by decreasing taxes and regulations. Our booming economy is proof that President Trump’s tax cuts and rollback of the regulatory state are working.


Simply, we must follow the U.S. Constitution. The Judiciary has overtaken the legislative branch, and the greatest battle in Washington is now picking who the next justice will be.


Legal immigration is necessary for the continued strength of our economy. However, illegal immigration threatens the safety of individual Americans and the financial strength of the country.


At over $21 trillion today, our national debt is perhaps the greatest threat to our children and grandchildren’s future. We don’t have a revenue problem in America—we have a spending problem.


Having worn the uniform for 20 years, and now having a son in the Army, no one will fight for our veterans more than I will. That's why my first bill introduced as a member of Congress is a pro-veteran bill -- it would ensure that Gold Star families never miss a payment, even during a lapse in appropriations.